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Aldehyde is mainly used in some perfumes of sweet, natural, orfruity scents. It is also used in apricot, almond, butterscotch, and several other aromas. We manufacture this chemical in precise chemical and at market leading price.

- Acetaldehyde
- Benzaldehyde
- Chloroacetaldehyde
- Dialdehyde
- Furfuraldehyde
- Hexyl Cinnamaldehyde
- Lactaldehyde
- Perillaldehyde
- Salicylaldehyde
- Veratraldehyde
- Anisaldehyde
- Butyraldehyde
- Cinnamaldehyde
- Formaldehyde
- Glutaraldehyde
- Isobutyraldehyde
- Malondialdehyde
- Propionaldehyde
- Syringaldehyde


Furfural is an industrial chemical compound derived from a variety of agricultural byproducts, including corncobs, oat and wheat bran, and sawdust.


Glutaraldehyde is an organic compound with the formula CH2(CH2CHO)2. This pungent colorless oily liquid is used to disinfect medical and dental equipment.

  Hexyl Cinnamaldehyde

Hexyl cinnamaldehyde, or hexyl cinnamal, is a common additive in perfume and cosmetic industry as aroma substance. It is found naturally in the essential oil of chamomile.


Isobutyraldehyde is the chemical compound with the formula (CH3)2CHCHO. It is an aldehyde, isomeric with n-butyraldehyde (butanal). Isobutyraldehyde is manufactured, often as a side-product, by the hydroformylation of propene.


Lactaldehyde is an intermediate in the methylglyoxal metabolic pathway. Methylglyoxal is converted to D-lactaldehyde by glycerol dehydrogenase (gldA). Lactaldehyde is then oxidized to lactic acid by aldehyde dehydrogenase.[1]


Malondialdehyde is the organic compound with the formula CH2(CHO)2. The structure of this species is more complex than this formula suggests. This reactive species occurs naturally and is a marker for oxidative stress.


Perillaldehyde, or perilla aldehyde, is a natural organic compound found most abundantly in the annual herb perilla, but also in a wide variety of other plants and essential oils.


Propionaldehyde or propanal is the organic compound with the formula CH3CH2CHO. It is a saturate 3-carbon aldehyde and is a structural isomer of acetone.

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