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- EDTA Pure Acid
- EDTA DiSodium
- Di Sodium EDTA
- EDTA Tetra Sodium Salt
- EDTA Tetra Sodium
- Tetra Sodium EDTA Salt
- EDTA Calcium Disodium
- EDTA Diammonium
- EDTA Ferric Ammonium
- EDTA Iron
- EDTA Magnesium
- EDTA Manganese
- EDTA Tripotassium
- EDTA Zinc
- EDTA Di-Sodium Salt
- Di-Sodium EDTA Salt
- Disodium Dihydrogen Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetate
- Tetra Sodium EDTA
- E-Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid, Tetrasodium Salt
- EDTA Calcium
- EDTA Copper
- EDTA Ferric
- EDTA Ferric Sodium
- EDTA Ferrous
- EDTA Tetraammonium
- EDTA Triammonium
- EDTA Trisodium

  EDTA Triammonium

Industrial cleaning: complexation of Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions, binding of heavy metals.Detergents: complexation of Ca2+ and Mg2+ (reduction of waterhardness).Photography: use of Fe(III)EDTA as oxidizing agent. Pulp and paper industry: complexation of heavy metals during chlorine-free bleaching, stabilization of hydrogen peroxide.

  EDTA Tripotassium

Food: added as preservative to prevent catalytic oxidation by metal ions or stabilizer and for iron fortification.[5] Approved by the FDA as a preservative in packaged foods, vitamins, and baby food. Personal care: added to cosmetics to improve product stability.[6] Oil production: added into the borehole to inhibit mineral precipitation.[citation needed] .

  EDTA Trisodium

EDTA is used in chelation therapy for acute hypercalcemia, mercury poisoning and lead poisoning[7]. Combined with chromium, EDTA is used to evaluate kidney function. It is administered intravenously and its filtration into the urine is monitored. This method is considered the gold standard for evaluating glomerular filtration rate, Cr-EDTA's sole way out of the body is via glomerular filtration as it is not secreted or metabolised in any other way.

  EDTA Zinc

Scavenging metal ions: in biochemistry and molecular biology, ion depletion is commonly used to inactivate metal-dependent enzymes which could damage DNA or proteins .Complexometric titration. ,Buffer solutions. Determination of water hardness. EDTA may be used as a masking agent to remove a metal ion which would interfere with the analysis of a second metal ion present