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- 2,3,2-tetramine
- Plasma Tetramine
- Hexamethylenetetramine
- Triethylene Tetramine
- 2,2,2,-Tetramine


Tetramethylenedisulfotetramine (TETS, DSTA, also called tetramine) is a toxic organic chemical. It can be encountered also under the names dushuqiang, four-two-four, 424, NSC 172824, meishuming, and shanbudao. [2] its chief application is as a rodenticide (rat poison). It is uncommon and therefore little known. It is an odorless, tasteless white powder. It is slightly soluble in water, DMSO and acetone, and insoluble in methanol and ethanol.


2,2,2,-tetramine (trientine) and 2,3,2-tetramine are copper chelating agents used to remove copper in chronic hepatobiliary disease, particularly bedlington terrier copper-associated hepatopathy.


Hexamethylenetetramine, commonly called hexamine and methenamine, is a heterocyclic organic compound with formula (CH2)6N4.Hexamine is a white crystalline solid, highly soluble in water and many organic solvents. Reminiscent of adamantane and other symmetrical organic compounds, hexamine sublimes cleanly in a vacuum at 280 °C.

  Plasma Tetramine

Causes severe irritation and burns. May Be harmful if swallowed. Avoid breathing vapor or dust. Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothes. Wash thoroughly after handling. Keep container closed.

  Triethylene Tetramine

Triethylenetetramine, abbreviated TETA and trien, is an organic compound with the formula [CH2NHCH2CH2NH2]2. This oily liquid is colourless but, like many amines, assumes a yellowish color due to impurities resulting from air-oxidation. It is soluble in polar solvents and exhibits the reactivity of typical for amines. The branched isomer N(CH2CH2NH2)3 and the cyclic triamine (CH2CH2NH)3 comprise approximately 40% of commercially available TETA.

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