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- Bismuth Oxide
- 2,6- Dichloropyridine- N- Oxide
- Tin Oxide Black(Stannous Oxide)
- Titanium Dioxide
- Ceric Oxide
- Calcium Oxide
- Stannous Oxide
- Sodium Methoxide
- Chrome Oxide
- Chrome Oxide Green
- Nitrous oxide
- Silver Oxide
- Green & Yellow Chromium Oxide
- Chlordiazepoxide
- Diamond Oxide
- Cuprous Oxide
- Ethylene Oxide
- Ferric Oxide
- Iron Pentoxide
- Iodine Petoxide
- Manganous Oxide
- Mercuric Oxide Yellow
- Molybdenum Oxide
- Nickel Oxide
- Aluminium Oxide
- Antimony Trioxide
- Tellurium Dioxide
- Red Oxide
- Cadmium Oxide
- Chlordiazepoxide
- Stannic Oxide(Tin Oxide)
- Stannous Oxide
- Chromium Vi Oxide Black
- Chromium Oxide
- Propylene Oxide
- Copper Oxide
- Cobalt Oxide
- Di Methyl Sulfoxide
- Diboron Trioxide
- Diphenyl Oxide
- Diphenylphosphine Oxide
- Manganese Oxide
- Germanium Dioxide
- Mercuric Oxide Red
- Magnesium Oxide
- Nitrogen Oxide
- Nitric oxide

  Germanium Dioxide

Germanium dioxide, also called germanium oxide and germania, is an inorganic compound, an oxide of germanium. Its chemical formula is GeO2. Its other names are germanic acid, G-15, and ACC10380. It forms as a passivation layer on pure germanium in contact with atmospheric oxygen.

  Iodine Petoxide

Iodine pentoxide is the chemical compound with the formula I2O5. This iodine oxide is the anhydride of iodic acid. It is produced by dehydrating iodic acid at 200 °C in a stream of dry air[1].

  Iron Pentoxide

Iron(III) oxide also known as ferric oxide, ferric iron, hematite, red iron oxide, synthetic maghemite, colcothar, or simply rust—is one of the several oxide compounds of iron, and has paramagnetic properties. Its chemical formula is Fe2O3.

  Manganese Oxide

Manganese dioxide is the inorganic compound with the formula MnO2. This blackish or brown solid occurs naturally as the mineral pyrolusite, which is the main ore of manganese. It is also present in manganese nodules. The principal use for MnO2 is for dry-cell batteries, such as the alkaline battery and the zinc-carbon battery.[1] In 1976 this application accounted for 500,000 tonnes of pyrolusite.

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