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- Bismuth Oxide
- 2,6- Dichloropyridine- N- Oxide
- Tin Oxide Black(Stannous Oxide)
- Titanium Dioxide
- Ceric Oxide
- Calcium Oxide
- Stannous Oxide
- Sodium Methoxide
- Chrome Oxide
- Chrome Oxide Green
- Nitrous oxide
- Silver Oxide
- Green & Yellow Chromium Oxide
- Chlordiazepoxide
- Diamond Oxide
- Cuprous Oxide
- Ethylene Oxide
- Ferric Oxide
- Iron Pentoxide
- Iodine Petoxide
- Manganous Oxide
- Mercuric Oxide Yellow
- Molybdenum Oxide
- Nickel Oxide
- Aluminium Oxide
- Antimony Trioxide
- Tellurium Dioxide
- Red Oxide
- Cadmium Oxide
- Chlordiazepoxide
- Stannic Oxide(Tin Oxide)
- Stannous Oxide
- Chromium Vi Oxide Black
- Chromium Oxide
- Propylene Oxide
- Copper Oxide
- Cobalt Oxide
- Di Methyl Sulfoxide
- Diboron Trioxide
- Diphenyl Oxide
- Diphenylphosphine Oxide
- Manganese Oxide
- Germanium Dioxide
- Mercuric Oxide Red
- Magnesium Oxide
- Nitrogen Oxide
- Nitric oxide

  Molybdenum Oxide

Molybdenum dioxide is the chemical compound with the formula MoO2. It is a violet-colored solid and is a metallic conductor. It crystallizes in a monoclinic cell, and has a distorted rutile, (TiO2) crystal structure. In TiO2 the oxide anions are close packed and titanium atoms occupy half of the octahedral interstices (holes). In MoO2 the octahedra are distorted, the Mo atoms are off-centre, leading to alternating short and long Mo – Mo distances.

  Nickel Oxide

Nickel(ii) oxide is the chemical compound with the formula nio. It is notable as being the only well characterized oxide of nickel (although nickel(iii) oxide, ni2o3 and nio2 have been claimed[1]). The mineralogical form of nio, bunsenite, is very rare. It is classified as a basic metal oxide.

  Nitric oxide

Nitric oxide or nitrogen monoxide is a chemical compound with chemical formula NO. This gas is an important signaling molecule in the body of mammals, including humans, and is an extremely important intermediate in the chemical industry. It is also an air pollutant produced by cigarette smoke, automobile engines and power plants.

  Nitrogen Oxide

Nitrogen oxide is typically any binary compound of oxygen and nitrogen, or a mixture of such compounds:

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