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Agriculture Sector

Triveni Chemicals offers a number of crop protection chemicals, ranging from conventional insecticides, fungicides and herbicides to new types of products, including plant growth regulators. We are a reputed supplier of organic and inorganic chemicals to the agricultural sector because of our quality products and services. We take a comprehensive approach to agricultural production processes by providing crop protection chemicals, fertilizers, feed additives, and other products and technologies. Understanding the needs of the industry, we are also developing household and public hygiene chemicals that can be used to improve basic amenities and living environments across the globe.

Starting with superphosphate, we manufacture and supply added ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, urea, liquid fertilizers, and various compound fertilizers including nitrate compounds and slow-release compounds. Our fertilizers are highly praised for their superior quality and they are completely safe for all types of crops. Here are some of the key applications of our fine chemicals in agriculture industry-

* Ammonium Sulphate
Synonym : Sulphuric acid Diammonium Salt
Uses : The commercial grade is used as fertilizer.

* Ammonium Phosphate Di
Synonym : Di ammonium hydrogen phosphate.
Uses : In fertilizers.

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