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Pharmaceuticals Sector

Triveni ChemicalsTriveni Chemicals is associated with the pharmaceuticals business mainly through the organic and inorganic chemicals that we manufacture and supply to the same. We offer the highest quality chemicals including- Persulfates, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Sodium Bicarbonate for the pharmaceutical and personal care industry. We trade in Bicarbs that are widely used as a buffering agent in the blood purification process. It is an important part of successful dialysis for the millions of people who depend on this procedure.

We are also one of the leading producers of Hydrogen Peroxide for the antiseptic market. Our superior quality Hydrogen Peroxide is used in the preparation of products that are widely available in drug stores and supermarkets for the treatment of skin infections, cuts and abrasions. This industry is advancing with new chemistry, new technology, and expanding capacity. We, as fine chemical producers serve the pharmaceutical industry by offering new chemicals as intermediates and reaction auxiliaries.

Our complete range of sodium, ammonium and potassium persulfates is widely used in the hair care products. Our Peracetic Acid products are used in bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing. We have acquired a complete understanding of the pharmaceutical sector and realizing the fact that new products are developed at regular basis, we are able to manufacture special chemicals and mixed chemicals accordingly.

We offer advanced intermediates for drug production and bulk active drugs. Some of the key applications of our organic and inorganic chemicals in pharmaceutical industry include-

* Potassium Phosphate Mono

Synonym : Potassium dihydrogen phosphate
Uses : In buffers for determination of pH pharmaceutics aid buffering agent.

* Potassium Phosphate Di

Synonym : Di Potassium hydrogen phosphate.
Uses : Buffering agent in antifreeze solution, nutrient in the culturing of antibiotics of sequestrant in the preparation of non dairy powder, coffee cream.

* Sodium Acetate
Uses : Anhydrous form as auxiliary in acetylations, tri hydrate in photography as reagent, in analytical lab, chemistry to eliminate effect of strong acid, use for buffer & as mordant in dying, pharmaceutics use for dialysis.

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