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Textile Sector

Triveni ChemicalsThe textile dyeing and finishing sector makes use of large volumes of water and substantial quantities of complex chemicals. There are several reducing agents widely utilized in the textile industry in several fields of application. The use of the chemicals takes place from the washing of the raw materials to the finishing of the materials. Different chemicals are used in different volumes at different stages. Triveni Chemicals manufactures and supplies a range of organic and inorganic chemicals to meet the demands of the textile industry.

Our chemicals are being used in fabric processing for desizing, scouring, degumming, biopolishing, print wash and bleach cleanup depending on the type of fibre. Our chemicals are not limited to fabric processing only, but widely used in the treatment of wet garments. In wet garment processing, both organic and inorganic chemicals are being used in denims and cottons for desizing, scouring, biowashing, biopolishing, bleaching and stonewashing. Triveni Chemicals is one shop stop for all types of chemicals required for textile processing.

Our chemicals are composed of pure ingredients that do not cause harm to the strength and quality of fabrics. Our chemicals have the ability to impart high quality finish and can be used to finish cotton. Chemicals are also used to impart soft handle, better fabric strength retention and increased dye pickup. Liquid reducing agents that we manufacture offer easy application for polyester reduction clearing.

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