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Laboratory & Research Sector

Triveni ChemicalsResearch and Development sector is one area that is continuously emerging as one of our main business areas. This sector can be regarded as an "ever-green" sector with increasing demand of chemicals as more and more organizations are showing interest in research and development programs. As a result, the number of in-house laboratories are increasing and hence, an increase in the demand of our chemicals.

Chemicals in different concentrations and volumes are required in research laboratories. We have been supplying chemicals in bulk to such laboratories in safe packages. Our chemicals are used in the research in almost every industry and some of them include- pharmaceuticals, leather, glass, heavy engineering, food processing, dyeing, rubber and many more. Energy-related research utilizes fine chemical synthesis technologies for creating breakthroughs in their own industry.

Triveni Chemicals has been supplying rare & fine chemicals for laboratory in all quantities. Some of the key applications of our fine chemicals in laboratory & research industry include-:

* Ammonium Acetate
Synonym : Acetic acid ammonium salt
Uses : Application in lab for determining Pb, Fe, and separating (PbSO4) from other.

* Ammonium Sulphate
Synonym : Sulphuric acid Diammonium Salt
Uses : Manufacturing ammonia alum, Analytical uses; freezing mixtures

* Potassium Sulphate
Uses : The reagent grade is used in the kjeldahl determination of nitrogen.

* Tri Potassium Phosphate
Synonym : Potassium Phosphate Tri Basic
Uses : In Laboratory

* Sodium Acetate
Uses : Anhydrous form as auxiliary in acetylations, tri hydrate in photography as reagent, in analytical lab, chemistry to eliminate effect of strong acid, use for buffer & as mordant in dyeing.

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